Non Profits

Non-Profit organizations today face some challenges common to the industry as well as  a set of unprecedented challenges that continue to evolve under changing conditions.  Some of these include increased limitations on access to various sources of funding, board members that feel stretched out in their capacity to contribute resources, difficulty finding and retaining volunteers, and a set of systems that don’t necessarily support your needs in terms of communication and outreach. Do any of these sound familiar?

Our team of skilled and experienced consultants provide nonprofits with a path toward success. Building on your organization’s current strengths, through evaluation, discussion and analysis we assist in making you more effective, more collaborative, and in touch with your constituents.  Vanward works closely with executives, staff, and board members to identify and address the challenges you face while engaging the community in the process to help you achieve your mission and grow your impact.

Services take a collaborative and results-oriented approach and include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Revenue Diversification Analysis
  • Resource Allocation Consultation
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Board Training & Development
  • Strategic Restructuring
  • Succession Planning

Our clients see an improvement in systems, enhanced communication, stronger support of leadership and staff, board development, reduced conflict, clarity of their mission and strategic vision, and increased community engagement that impacts program success and fundraising goals.