The needs of the library world are rapidly changing as each organization adapts to the technological needs of its community to provide not only the traditional services but an ever-growing demand for digital access and resources. What does this mean? It means that career librarians must update not only their skills but even how they present themselves as navigators of the overwhelming availability of information on the web.

Still, some challenges remain the same. Access to funding is always a concern, and we are equipped to assist you in understanding how to advocate for sustainable public funding.

In order for your library to be the vital center of your community, you need to be prepared and forward-thinking to turn challenges into opportunities. Here are some of the ways we will work with you, your board and your team to achieve success:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Foundation Jump Start
  • Public Funding Advocacy
  • Referendums
  • Board Training & Development
  • Empowering Friends of the Library Groups
  • Customer Service Training
  • Communications & Marketing Strategy

Long-term growth requires commitment from a dedicated and motivated workforce, a knowledgeable and resourceful board, and a leadership team with the tools and support to steer the ship in the right direction. We are here to help you  at every step of the way.